Non-Personalized Wholesale Family Flags

Perfect fit for any business in the travel or recreation industry.

 Up-sell products you may already carry, such as patches and pins. 


Before we get too far, make sure you meet the following criteria:

  • You are a reseller with a physical location or online store
  • You have a valid resale license

What we provide: Expedition Flag Co will provide you with one sample family flag to use for display. Please contact us to discuss details. The display family flag will have an Expedition Flag emblem and several patches, pins, handwritten signatures/dates, etc., to demonstrate the purpose and possible uses for the flag.

Family Flag Packaging: Flags will be ready for resale and display in your store. Flags are packaged in our soft carrying cases and ready to hang on peg hooks with thick, double-sided header cards and Euro/sombrero slot.

Minimum Order: We require a minimum order of 10 flags.

Freight: We typically ship USPS or UPS. We will provide you with our discounted freight prices unless you prefer to use your own freight account.

What we need from you: Use the form below or email us at hi@expeditionflag.com to start your wholesale account application process. Please tell us a little bit about your business, location(s), and why you think Expeditions Flags will be a good fit for your store(s). We will respond within three  business days.

Thank you for your interest. We look forward to working with you!