About Us

(Us at Glacier National Park wishing we had an Expedition Flag and deciding it was up to us to create one.)
Thanks for stopping by. We have a feeling you're a kindred, nature-loving spirit.
We (Max and Kate) met in south-eastern Utah while working as white-water rafting guides on the Colorado and Green Rivers. A rim-to-rim Grand Canyon hike in 2000 sealed the deal, and we married in 2002. With our four sons, we love to ski in the winters (and occasionally escape to a warm beach) and fill our summers with rafting, mountain biking, hiking, and visiting state and national parks.
The inspiration for our flags came from learning about the Explorer's Club, where taking the official flag on an expedition signifies a great honor and accomplishment.
We wanted to make a family flag to inspire our own family to go on adventures and explore our amazing planet. We hope your family flag helps you find new exciting paths to discover on your own or with people you love. We can't wait to see where you take your Expedition Flag and the patches, pins, blood, and dirt (and maybe even your five-year-old's tears) you find to decorate it. And, if you're not much for adventure these flags make the perfect outdoor gifts for the adventure enthusiasts in your life.
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